Sudan is both a host and a source of hundreds of thousands of refugees. Sudan also has four million internally displaced people -- living in Darfur, the Greater Khartoum area, South Kordofan and the ten States of Southern Sudan, as well as the other northern and eastern states. Some people have been displaced for decades, while others were newly displaced in 2009 and 2010. Civilian protection in Darfur remains a serious concern. Meanwhile, over 250,000 Darfuris are living in refugee camps in Chad. In November 2010, clashes over scarce water and land, as well as uncertainty over the looming referendum on south Sudan's independence, forced thousands of Sudanese to flee to Kenya. Preliminary indications are that south Sudan, as expected, voted overwhelmingly for independence in the January 9, 2011 referendum. Thus a six-month transition period began, during which groundwork is to be laid for the official creation of two new countries. Nevertheless, progress is slow on resolving key north-south disputes such as the status of the oil-producing Abyei region, Sudanese citizenship and oil sharing.

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