Mohamed W. Dualeh


Dr. Mohamed W. Dualeh is the head of UNHCR's refugee programme for the Eastern States (Sudan).holds a medical degree (MD) from the Facility of Medicine of Mogadishu University and a Master of Public Health from Sydney University. From 1988-1999, he was the Global Health Adviser for the High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva. He held many other managerial positions in UNHCR, including Global Health Adviser, Desk Officer for Southern Africa, Operations Coordinator for massive repatriation of refugees from Sudan to Eritrea (2001-2004), Liaison Officer for the Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement, and Technical Coordinator for the Kosovo operation. Dr. Dualeh has participated in all emergency programmes for the last three decades on every continent. During the 1990s, he was an instructor of UNHCR Emergency training programmes. He is a co-author of the highly accredited Oxford University Text Book of Public Health - Chapter: Public Health for Displaced Populations.

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